laat jouw energie weer stromen

Verbind met de Wijsheid van jouw Hart, laat jouw Energie stromen en kom in jouw Kracht!
"Herinner wie je werkelijk bent"

Healing Reading Selfhealing Counseling

ook op Afstand of Online

en Cranio-Sacraal Ontspanning

Voor: Zingeving - Focus - Zelfkennis - Balans - Energie - Levenslust - Bewustwording - Grenzen

In geval van: Burn-out - Stress - Vermoeidheid - Jezelf kwijt - Intuïtie verbeteren - In contact komen met jouw Gevoel en jouw Kracht - Wie ben je echt?



Reconnect with your Heart, Inner Wisdom/Intuition, Power, Love and Light.
Feel your energy flow! Get alive and happy again!
Empowerment by Healing Reading, Counseling, Coaching and Selfhealing.



"After having received the healing reading

on distance I feel myself "Whole" again

and more grounded"

"Just listened to the audio of your healing reading on my cat and me again. Without this I would not have come over the loss"


Get in touch with your heart again!

Pain (physically, emotionally and/or mentally), burn-out, sorrow, fear,

lack of confidence,disappointment, anger, rejection, problems with
focus or concentration, it all asks attention and takes energy from you.

However, they also are a chance and a possibility to get conscious and to

make your life richer and/or gives it a new meaning or direction. Getting more

conscious means, that you will react different towards matters that come along

your path, than you did before. You will feel more free to make choices that

fit you better in the now.


Do you really want things to change in your life?
That asks for consciousness, physically, mentally and emotionally.
You cannot change something you are not aware of!




A Healing Reading solves energy blockages, sets your own healing powers free and gives you insight in problems or matters that keep you occupied and/or stay in your way.


"After having received your healing reading on distance I feel "Whole" again and grounded; I still feel the effect. Very comfortable , no travelling this way! Thank you very much once again"




With the Counseling I use my Reading abilities to give you a direct and non judgemental insight on the matter that you want counseling for.

You do not need to have an intake or fill in forms first. We start directly.


"With Christine you feel welcome and quickly "at home". She immediately knows how to hit the right chords, asks the right questions and provides exercises. For me it was a very valuable conversation. I would therefore highly recommend an online counseling with Christine."

On me


Mother of three sons, 1982, 1986 and 1997 (at the age of 43),

having been management secretary for many years,

gave self-developed courses which I called "Consciously moving
on music" for a long period of time.

Started my study Personal, Intuïtive and Spiritual Development

in 1989 and finished - after 4 years of intensive Inner work - as a
certified Healer and Reader in 1993.

Since 1999, after a burn-out, I made the definite choice

to make my passion a profession, i.e.:
to coach people re-connect with their Inner Wisdom, Power, Love and Light.
I do this through my Healing Reading tools and my Selfhealing courses.


My motto is: "Give a man a fish, and he wil eat fish for a day.

Teach a man how to fish and he will eat fish for a lifetime".

To expand my "knowledge" and to feed my heart I red many books,
followed many workshops and did a Cranio-Sacral study 2000/2001

by which I am a certified Craniosacral Relaxation Practitioner.

And still educate myself, open to the possibilities of the Universe,

like learned Swedish and now refreshing my German.


I have been living in very different parts of the Netherlands,
from 2007 to 2016 in Sweden and since then living in Germany

near to the Dutch border (surrounding Enschede, Oldenzaal, De Lutte)


To describe myself with some words:
Filosofer, digger, practical, helpful, empathic, joyous, young at heart.


The following subjects are part of my package: consciousness, selfknowledge,
personal, spiritual and intuïtive development, coaching, counseling, mentoring,
selfhealing courses, aura's, chakra's, healing and reading, cranio-sacral relaxation,
consciously moving on music, mayan calendar, tarot, numerology, astrology.