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and how to use a crisis positively


A crisis is always a possibility towards transformation. Transformation however is not the same as change.

Change is more of the same but in another coat and is a reversible process. For instance: water becomes steam and changes back into water.
With changing you do or try to do things in another way, but in essence there is no change. A Dutch proverb "Old wine in new bags" can be applied for this situation. You can go on with this lifelong.

Transformation finally will lead you - after the crisis - to turned insights, which you became by letting go of your old thinking patterns or convictions that hindered you to express and to blossom your true self.

Transformation is not reversible. After transformation you cannot go back to the old "you". Your energy frequency has changed. This will result in attracting other experiences and meeting other people than before. Also read my publication on frequencies and future on this.

A nice example is the cocoon that becomes a caterpillar and the caterpillar that becomes a butterfly. That butterfly will never be able to become a caterpillar as well as the caterpillar never will be able to become a cocoon.


A little introduction and explanation in advance in December 2021 on the publication of December 2008.
In 2008 we had the hoax of the Mexican flue or so called swine flue. By my publication I was trying to have people open their eyes, waken up, see what really was going on. I gave them tools through which they could stay balanced, in contact with themselves and stay away from the fear mongaring.
We are now, since March 2020, in a situation that is very alike the one back in 2008. Same people having strategic functions.

Again, in March 2020, I started to offer people my possibilities and insights through my newsletters and my website. Also how to manage the immunesystem in the most natural way. From the beginning of 2021 I started to more openly try to waken up people through links to all kinds of organisations, doctors, lawyers, etc. that sought truth and dared to openly question the narrative. It cost me some newsletter readers.

The next text, my publication of December 2008, is still relevant today.

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(Published December 2008)

It's a pitty that most people do not actively start with the process of consciousness, but after a crisis. A crisis mostly forces you to get more aware. If you accept the gifts of a crisis you will be transformed and you will have overcome old, no longer functioning patterns. Luckily, because these patterns were tight and hurt, like the cocoon became too small for the butterfly.

If you look at the economical crisis. Who will not get into fear with the idea of shortages? Who still stays positive? However this is a possibility to look at how you live your life. Which patterns and convictions your life is based upon. Everything is possible and you will be supported in everything you think or speak or where you have your focus.
Also on the global level it is a good thing to look, with a critical mind and a wise heart, to how and where the money flows. It is important that it gets clear or comes to light where it is wrong.
On a personal level to look at to what and which matters we spent it, and if necessary to find a new balance. Is it for the greater good of you or just to satisfy your ego temporarily, because that never will get fullfilled. This process is already fast going on for a couple of years. Did you notice that too?

Every crisis is a possibility to get more consciousness. We are all on the road. Probably not all on the same track with all different stumbling blocks. That does not matter, it is part of the game. If you understand the game well you will gain. You will gain the most important that exists, yourself. For you are part of the Source of All that Is. If you regain, remember yourself, you will feel you are part of the splendour of Source.
To get support on your road I can give you a helping hand by giving you a Healing Reading or you can start your process through the Selfhealing Courses.



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