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Global Year Energy following Numerology and Tarot
for 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024

Your Personal Year Energy

Curious what the energy of next year will be for you?

There are many different areas of knowledge (f.i. Astrology, Tarot, Numerology, Mayan Calender) in which the idea that the energy each year of your life will change, is a common thought. That change of energy starts gradually at New Years Eve in the Western World. Prepare yourself, so that you can ride the waves like a surfer instead of being swallowed.

You can read how you can sign up to receive the energy tendencies specially for you for the coming year and more info on that at Your Personal Energy Profile.

As an example how accurate these tendencies are, I give you the energies for the earth for 2021 and 2022.
I took 2021 as well because we can verify this easy. How I experienced last year the description of its energy is very accurate and fitting.
As for 2022 we have to see what comes forward, but from messages I have got and steering on my own feeling the description might fit very much as well.

Year Energies 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024

The energies shown beneath are for the whole globe, so all of humanity will in some way be effected by the corresponding energy. Of course you have your personal energy as well, as stated above. As you can observe yourself having been through the years mentioned below, you can reflect on how these energies were influencing your life.

2021 = 5 = The Hierophant in Tarot. This means a year in which the energy is about power and authority. Learning in this kind of year with this energy is by opposition and by getting over problems. Therefore it might be a year full of stress, in which the stability is threatened and some people react on this by rigidly holding on to traditions. However one can use this energy also in a positive way by listening to the inner advisor and to trust your inner wisdom and truth. It's a year in which people reflect on all the indoctrinated commandments and prohibitions (do's and don'ts), which one tries to keep upright or rejects. Depending on if one is listening to the inner or the outer world.
It is a year to examine ones values and convictions and to see which ones restrict you and which ones stimulate you. In a year like this it gets clear if you speak from the heart, in resonance with your inner wisdom and truth, or that you only routinely proclaim dogmas. This last bit is what you can see happening in the current situation that people blindly without thinking or researching follow and parrot the narrative of the system media (MSM).

2022 = 6 = The Lovers. This card/energie is about relations. It means that the relation will get a thorough examination in this year. Every relation! Not only the one to one relations, but also with the family, friends and collegues. But even your relation with you own government!
With this energy you are not satisfied anymore with less than you expect from this relation, otherwise you will end it. It will be important to have a open and honest communication in which nothing will be kept secret anymore. This includes both parties.
The relation will specially this year reflect your image of yourself. Therefore, in this kind of year, it is important to evaluate how others see or experience and treat you; in this way getting to know more about yourself. Sign in for the Energy Profile then you get this information right away.
This years energy ask from you to learn to find the support and encouragement that you need inside yourself. The Selfhealing Course is a great way to learn this. You will experience that you can communicate with an inner voice or your intuition. You will learn to incorporate the expectations and projections that you have on people in your life in yourself. It is a year in which you will rebalance your feminine and masculine energy.
Normally it is a year in which choices will be made and it will be a turning point in a 10 year cycle. Therefore your relations can have a big influence on your choices and decisions. Keep honest communication in mind.

2023 = 7 = The Charriot. The energy of 2023 will bring positive changes that will have heart and meaning for us and that will enable the true inner direction of the soul. It will be a year in which a move forward will be made. In which creative ideas or projects are set in motion in a tangible form. However, in addition to all this movement, there is also a strong need for rest, for a solid and nourishing home base. Precisely to make all this change and movement possible. This stems from the fact that this year's energy is strongly connected to the sign of Cancer. However, the trend of this energy is also that people will travel much more, move or change things in their home. And these last things I have seen happening absolutely in the year of 2023.

2024 = 8 = Balance/Justice. This is the best year to rebalance everything that is out of balance on a personal and a global level, also on the topics finance, legal affairs and health. It's also a good year to introduce new ideas in a practical way. Simplify your life is the message! So clean up your cellars, garages, attics and closets with the aim of letting go of things that no longer suit you.
This year clarity, order and balance get more important than ever and this is for the whole of humanity. Your own illusions, chimeras or self-deception will become unbearable to you and also those of others. Sincerity and clarity are the virtues that you will demand this year.
Nature and being in nature will rejuvenate and heal you. Being outside in nature will become one of your priorities this year 2024.
As Balance is related to the Sigh of Libra it could be that Libras are more influenced or that any issues you have with Libras can be resolved or that the month of Libra, between the 21th of September and the 21th of October will be significant.
Also the number 8 is the sign of Infinity, going into a higher Octave of Evolution.


Looking forward to hear from you to be able to empower you with one of my tools.